Adobe is to discontinue development of its Adobe Premiere video-editor for the Mac.

Adobe Premiere is currently at version 6.5. Breaking the news, Adobe group product manager for After Effects Stephen Kilisky said: "Premiere is to be Windows-only from now on. We have rewritten the application from the ground up for Windows."

Kilisky confirmed that the decision to end development of the product for Mac was taken "early" in the development cycle for Premiere 7.0. "It is a business decision," he said.

Final Cut success The decision reflects Apple's success in the digital video market with Final Cut Pro. "Around 80-90 per cent of our Premiere customers are on Windows," Kilisky said. "There was around a 70 per cent Windows, 30 per cent Mac split before Final Cut Pro."

"Final Cut Pro cut the business in half," he added. "It's unfortunate for those left behind - we'll be happy to upgrade them to the Windows version," he said.

The product manager stressed that Apple and Adobe are not at loggerheads, "We are competitive, but co-operative," he said.

For its part, Apple is trying to woo now-unsupported Premiere users: "With the announcement of the new Power Mac G5 and the innovations in Final Cut Pro 4, there has never been a better time for Premiere customers to make the switch. Even with this, Adobe and Apple continue to have a great relationship, as evidenced by Adobe's recent support of the new Power Mac G5 with Photoshop performance that is twice as fast as before."

Adobe will continue to ship Adobe After Effects for Mac. "We have a very strong business with After Effects on the Mac," Kilisky said.

A new version of After Effects was also announced.