Adobe has announced plans to recruit 1,000 new resellers across the Middle East as part of an expansion programme.

Adobe Systems regional manager for the Middle East Andrew Lindstrom told Business Times Dubai: "We are recruiting training partners specialising in the tertiary, vocational and corporate segments of its market. The objective is to ensure that licensed users of Adobe products derive optimal benefits from their software."

He explained: “Adobe has announced new three-pronged marketing strategy to promote sale of its newly launched products in the Middle East. The strategy will focus on partners and customers and operate on the basis of a value-added model. The company is committed to optimise return on investments (ROI) of its licensed customers in the Middle East.

"The media industry in the Middle East is growing at a rapid pace. Moreover, the established media houses, as well as the new corporations, are seeking to incorporate advanced technologies which can help them in delivering their content in sophisticated world-class formats.

"While the market for Adobe products is undoubtedly huge, we are addressing the existing and potential users with a host of value-added features. The intention is to provide pre-sales information and post sales education and support to help end-users optimise the benefits of Adobe’s versatile Creative Suite Middle East and Enterprise solutions."

Adobe recently launched Creative Suite in the Middle East.