Adobe's next-generation print- and Web-publishing products will be aimed at the emerging broadband market, company bosses revealed at Seybold.

"Publishers want to make money from the content they produce. Adobe provides publishers the tools required to profit from that content across mediums," said John Warnock, CEO and chairman of Adobe.

Bruce Chizen, Adobe's executive vice president of worldwide products and marketing, said: "The broadband Web will be the central marketplace where all products, services and content will be accessed. People will go to the Web to find what they want, and choose how they want to consume that information-through a browser, a handheld device, or print."

Adobe PDF Merchant went public at the show, it enables Web-based purchase and delivery to PCs or Palm devices, though the software is hosted on the Windows NT platform at this time. The company also showed the integration of its products across Web and print. Content created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator was shared by the next versions of GoLive and InDesign.

Adobe also gave a sneak-peek at its upcoming Web graphics and animation product, which expands on the technology found in After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Adobe announced it is developing software that can resize and reflow content to fit any device, while maintaining the quality of Adobe's PDF format.