Adobe executives spent time discussing Apple's move to Intel processors during the company's financial results call this week.

Responding to questions from UBS analyst Heather Bellini, Adobe president and chief operating officer Shantanu Narayen confirmed "real strength" in Adobe's Mac business. He said the value of that business grew slighty in the just-gone quarter.

"We're working on the transition for MacTel with our next generation of products, but so far we continue to see customers wanting to buy the Creative Suite, the Studio, and the Bundles, because of the features that we have in the product. We've always found that when the features are present in our products, people will buy the products," he said.

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen minimised the impact that his company's decision not to re-develop Creative Suite 2 as a Universal application, saying that larger customers will take time to migrate to the new processors.

"They will get there but they won't get there on Mac for a while and we think by the time they get there, we'll be ready with our Creative Suite 3 products." he said.