Adobe has announced six OpenType font families, released with InDesign users in mind.

The fonts are built to provide cross-platform capabilities and simplified font-management. The six families consist of three existing families – Garamond Pro, Tekton Pro and Myriad Pro – and three new families – Calcite Pro, Silentium Pro and Warnock Pro. Adobe is using the "Pro" suffix to distinguish font families featuring enhanced typographic features and extended language support. OpenType fonts work with PostScript and TrueType fonts.

Juggling fonts Harold Grey, group product manager for type at Adobe, said: "In the past, designers who needed to use expert glyphs, such as old-style figures and small capitals, were forced to juggle multiple fonts. Now, everything a typographic designer needs exists in one font file."

The fonts are available now to UK users, via They cost between $65 and $299 in the US.

The OpenType font format was co-developed by Adobe and Microsoft. It’s cross-platform and offers a more compact font-outline data structure for smaller font-file sizes.