Adobe Systems has announced Font Folio 9.0, the newest edition of its font library.

The new collection includes 2,750 Type 1 fonts from the Adobe Type Library, including over 300 new fonts. The collection also includes 190 cross-platform OpenType fonts. OpenType is a format developed jointly by Apple and Microsoft that will work on Macs and Windows machines.

The collection includes typefaces from foundries such as Agfa Monotype, ITC, Linotype, MvB Design and LetterPerfect, as well as Adobe Originals and new OpenType fonts.

The typefaces cover a wide range of styles – from text typefaces to ornamental, handwriting and script typefaces. Several also feature the Euro currency symbol and the collection includes a set of special Adobe Euro fonts. All the fonts provide multiple language versions, including French and German.

Font Folio 9.0 is available now. It costs £7,369. An upgrade from version 8.0 to 9.0 costs approximately £919.