Adobe is to pay $4 million in cash grants, education scholarships, gift funds, and product donations to community organisations around the world.

Last year the company made a commitment of $3.4 million to such projects.

Adobe president and CEO Bruce Chizen said: "Our business continues to grow, so do our community investments. With the help of new partners, we are continuing to focus on meeting the immediate hunger and housing needs of the communities where our employees live and work. But the key to breaking the cycle of poverty lies in quality education."

The goal of Adobe's Community Relations program is to "positively impact, strengthen and improve the communities in which Adobe employees live and do business".

This year most of Adobe's community investment cash grants will be awarded to public benefit organizations and schools located in San Jose, Seattle, Ottawa in Canada.

Adobe will also support UNICEF educational efforts in India, and the Habitat for Humanity housing projects in the UK.