Adobe is suing US Macintosh news site MacNN after it posted information about an upcoming Photoshop 6.0 upgrade.

The offending story appeared on the AppleInsider rumours site, which is part of MacNN's network. Adobe's lawsuit claims that MacNN violated the trade secrets acts by publishing the four-part preview of Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3, including several detailed screenshots.

Malicious damage Adobe alleges that MacNN used an unauthorized copy of the Photoshop features guide, which was distributed to beta testers under a non-disclosure agreement, and used much of the text verbatim in the story. The lawsuit - filed on May 31 in a San Jose district court - also claims that MacNN published the material "wilfully and maliciously".

After the Photoshop news broke, the story appeared on a number of Web news sites and in various magazines. Adobe has not taken action against the sites that reported the story after the information entered the public domain.

AppleInsider has now removed the links on its site to the story, replacing them with the words "Links removed by the demand of Adobe legal."

Millions in damages Adobe has requested recovery of damages that "could conservatively amount to tens of millions of dollars", claiming that the story hurt its business by reducing sales of the current Photoshop version (5.5) and giving competitors advance word on the new features. Photoshop 6.0 is not expected to ship until nearer the end of the year.

Seemingly hell-bent on enraging some of the software industry’s biggest companies, MacNN has also removed a story about Microsoft's forthcoming Office 2001, "by the demand of Microsoft".