Adobe has denied reports that it plans to discontinue GoLive and FreeHand.

"Adobe plans to continue to support GoLive and FreeHand and develop these products based on our customer's needs," an Adobe representative told Macworld in a statement.

With the acquisition of Macromedia's products, many people expected Adobe to cut its own web authoring tool GoLive in favour of further developing Dreamweaver. Adobe did not dispute the importance of Dreamweaver for the future of the company's products.

"Clearly Dreamweaver and Illustrator are market-leading when it comes to web design/development and vector graphics/illustration," said the Adobe statement. "Customers should expect Adobe to concentrate our development efforts around these two products with regards to future innovation and Creative Suite integration."

Adobe has committed to supporting Apple's new Intel Macs with products to be released in 2007, according to Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen.

Earlier this year Adobe released plans of its Intel transition saying that in addition to the Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive and Acrobat, it is currently working on or evaluating transition plans for After Effects and InCopy, among others.

Macromedia applications that Adobe is evaluating for Intel support include Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Flash Basic, Fireworks and Contribute.