Adobe is working with mobile phone giant Nokia to create an authoring environment for wireless mark-up language (WML).

Nokia and Adobe plan to build on Adobe's Web-authoring tool, GoLive 5.0, modifying it for Web developers to author, preview, and manage content created for wireless devices using WML.

A graphical user interface (GUI) within GoLive will show an on-screen emulator of Nokia WAP (wireless access protocol) enabled phones, according to Adobe. The wireless emulator for GoLive will be available for free early in 2001.

Mac support? Macromedia announced its own WML creation solution, also developed with Nokia earlier this year at Internet World, London. Macromedia's solution is a plug-in for Dreamweaver, but no Mac version is expected at this time.

Adobe representatives were unavailable to clarify if the forthcoming WML plug-in would be Mac compatible.

Adobe also announced alliances with streaming-media company RealNetworks, customer-relationship management software company Art Technology Group, and large-scale content-management company Interwoven.

RealNetworks and Adobe will work to let customers using Adobe software integrate streaming video and audio into Web publications. Interwoven's products will let GoLive deal with larger volumes of data.