Adobe introduced InProduction 1.0, a new tool for PDF print production, at the Seybold Seminars, Boston, yesterday.

InProduction 1.0 extends Adobe Acrobat, offering improved workflow productivity and enhanced colour control in PDF print production. The software, which was named as a Seybold Seminars Hot Pick, consists of five tools.

The Preflight tool identifies, and corrects errors before sending a job to production. Users can create, edit, share and reuse profiles, which are used to scan PDF files and display the results on screen.

The Separator tool offers colour controls for specifying, previewing and creating colour separations, mapping spot colours to process colours and spot or custom colours to specific plates.

A Trim/Bleed tool defines imageable areas and specifies, or changes, the media, bleed, trim or art boxes. This is a new requirement for the new PDF/X-1 standard.

The Color Converter works in batch or single file mode to convert LAB or RGB to CMYK using industry-standard ICC profiles.

Adobe in-RIP Trapping specifies page and regional zone-based trapping parameters for later output to a PostScript 3 RIP that uses Adobe in-RIP Trapping.

InProduction is expected to ship in the Spring. Meanwhile, customers can try out the software’s preflighting capabilities online at href =" "> Users can submit files up to 10MB for preflight analysis, and the reports are emailed to the customer or hosted on the Web. The service can be used 10 times without charge.