Adobe have established the Adobe Customer Workflow Advisory Board (ACWAB). The board is intended to provide ongoing customer input into the design and development of Adobe’s suite of publishing products.

The board members will consist of a cross-section of Adobe’s existing professional publishing customer base – including representatives from newspaper and magazine publishers, printers, advertising agencies and web designers.

Bryan Lamkin of Adobe said: "Adobe has worked in conjunction with its customers throughout its history, and the company recognises the importance of our customers feedback during the product development cycle. We are establishing the ACWAB as a formal method fore gathering that valuable information."

Adobe hope that by working closely with a representative cross-section of their customer base, they will be in a position to respond quickly to changes in print technology and customers needs.

"Changing technology and its affect on the future of graphics companies, is one of the most difficult areas for creative and graphics arts businesses today. These issues have consistently ranked among the top business challenges for graphics businesses, according to our TrendWatch surveys", said James R. Whittington, CMC, TrendWatch partner.

Customers involved in the board will be party to the early stages of product planning and development cycles. They will test alpha and beta versions of future applications. Feedback will be sent back to Adobe and be used for creating or re-jigging software.