Adobe will deliver rights management features with its new LiveCycle Policy Server, released today.

The server software allows organizations more control of, and security for documents being shared over a network. It enables organizations to apply policies to electronic documents – ensuring confidentiality, privacy and accountability inside and outside the firewall, according to Adobe.

IDC research director Joshua Duhl said: "Increasing requirements to meet compliance and regulatory mandates for protecting individual privacy and corporate confidentiality have left organizations with a huge dilemma of determining the best way to control and protect information.

"And, as organizations continue to extend business beyond the network perimeter, they must look for solutions that help them protect data throughout the information lifecycle, as it moves from secure enterprise systems to documents delivered inside and outside the network."

High priority

Adobe Intelligent Documents business unit VP Ivan Koon said: "Privacy and security are high priorities in today's business environment, yet companies often don't take into account the fact that their most sensitive information resides in and is shared via electronic documents. Without proper protection of these documents, organizations face serious risks to their financial performance, intellectual property, customer privacy, and more.

"From bank statements to product plans, access and use must be precisely controlled and monitored. LiveCycle Policy Server helps ensure this information is shared in a more safe and secure manner."

LiveCycle Policy Server is tightly integrated with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 and Adobe Reader 7.0, also released today.

Adobe explains that it is possible to determine who can view a PDF document, and whether the recipient can modify, copy, print or forward the document. The permissions on these documents also can be changed or revoked, regardless of how many copies were distributed or where the documents reside.

Pricing starts at $50,000 in the US. UK pricing is to be confirmed.