Adobe has launched Premiere 6.0, a free update to InDesign 1.5, and announced an alliance with Internet services firm Organic.

Premiere 6.0, the latest version of Adobe's digital-video editing software, costs £409.

It provides support for FireWire on the Mac OS. Captured DV (digital video) clips can be crafted into video productions with Premiere 6.0, and then output to streaming formats on the Web.

New tools in Premiere 6.0 include a professional-level audio mixer, Interface refinements, new palettes and customization options. Premiere 6.0 also integrates with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and GoLive.

InDesign The upgrade to InDesign - version 1.5.2 - is a free 4.6MB download for InDesign 1.5 customers. The software will also be supplied on CD for $20 plus shipping.

InDesign is a page layout and design application aimed at the same market as the desktop-publishing application QuarkXpress.

The upgrade includes support for non-PostScript printers. There are also PostScript printing enhancements that provide better compatibility with PostScript RIPs (raster information processors).

Other improvements include a revised Links palette, and a hyphenation fix.

The upgrade can be downloaded from Adobe. InDesign costs £375.

Alliance Adobe has also formed an alliance with Internet-services firm Organic to deliver Web solutions to Organic's clients.

The company's Internet services include consultation, research, site-design, software engineering and technical-program management and online-marketing services.

The alliance enables Organic to test and use Adobe's Web products for client projects, including research and Intranet development plans.

Bryan Lamkin, senior vice-president of product marketing for Adobe, said: "Organic and Adobe have both become leaders in their field. The combination of Adobe's integrated Web product line and Organic's leading services will result in the best possible user experiences on the Web."