Adobe is quietly preparing its bid to popularise its Windows-only video products in UK schools in partnership with MTV.

MTV launched its Boom! Music Video Academy yesterday. As part of this initiative, Adobe has trained 500 UK teachers to use its video products. These will then teach children to direct their own music videos using these.

This initiative plays straight into a sector of the UK education market that Apple has been exploring for years, with well-publicised initiatives in partnership with government technology in education body, BECTA.

While Apple's work in that space proved the value of video in education, Adobe's initiative has won backing from bands, through its MTV connection.

MTV describes its initiative as: "Giving school children the opportunity to direct their own music videos from their classrooms as part of the national curriculum."

The Chemical Brothers, Athlete, Kevin Mark Traill, Willy Mason, Clor and the Doves are all taking part in the scheme, which culminates in a national music video making competition at the end of 2005. The best pupil-produced videos will be broadcast on MTV.

Each of the six EMI bands supporting the project will provide a track to the competition.