Adobe has announced the winners of its 2004 Design Achievement Awards.

The awards celebrate student achievement that "assimilates the powerful convergence of technology with the creative arts industry", says Adobe. The company claims more than 1,400 students from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom competed.

Students were recognized for their achievements in the following categories: group print collaboration, print, illustration, photography, and time-based media.

Adobe organized a day of tours through San Francisco's top design studios for nominees in each category. Group winners received $5,000 to be split amongst the team members, and each member received a choice of Adobe software.

Individual winners received prizes of $5,000 cash and their choice of ten Adobe products. Winners are listed on Adobe's Web site.

Adobe communications VP Melissa Dyrdahl said: "The awards is part of our mission to nurture the communities that have helped us grow as a business and inspire us to deliver great products and technologies. We see this competition as the beginning of a lifelong relationship between Adobe and the talented student winners who will certainly go onto establish themselves in successful careers in creative professions."