Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 2.0, the latest iteration of its consumer image-editing software.

Photoshop Elements – which targets amateur photographers and photo hobbyists – creates images for print, email and the Web. This latest offering focuses heavily on ease-of-use, and features a number of enhancements.

Elements 2.0 sees the introduction of the Glossary, Dialog Tips, Smart Messages, a Help Search Field, Quick Fix dialog, Frame from Video dialog, and Selection Brush features.

Elemental explanation The Glossary explains digital-imaging and computer terms. Dialog Tips are explanations and directions that provide help and advice inside dialogs. Smart Messages resolves problems that the user may come across by both educating them about errors and automatically correcting them.

The Help Search Field shows links to relevant Glossary entries, Help contents and Recipes. Another feature – the QuickFix dialog – compiles essential image-editing tools such as brightness, colour, rotation and focus. The user is able to locate these tools quickly, rather than searching through menus, Adobe claims.

There are other new features – including the Selection Brush, which mask areas of a photo with a feather-edged selection brush. Attach to e-Mail, which automatically attaches photos to email messages, is also included. To prevent problems with over-sized photos or those in the wrong format, Elements resizes images and converts them into JPEG.

The Welcome Screen, Recipes, Hints, Batch Processing, File Browser, Create Photomerge, Picture Package Printing, Layer Styles, Drawing Tools and Save for Web have all been enhanced, Adobe claims.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 has been optimized for Mac OS X, and is available for £79.