Adobe has released its Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Viewer. This allows SVG rendering on the Web, ships with Illustrator 9.0 and is available from Adobe.

Adobe SVG is a browser extension that lets current versions of popular Web browsers render SVG. SVG is the World Wide Web Consortium’s emerging, open language for describing two-dimensional graphics in Extendible Markup Language (XML).

The language means Web site architects can create rich, multi-channel, dynamic content. The graphics can be customized and adapted during design or at run-time by a server, and distributed to multiple platforms.

Ron Okamotoi of Adobe affirmed the company’s commitment to supporting World Wide Web Consortium standards, saying: "Adobe is committed to helping ensure SVG becomes as broadly embraced as other W3C standards."

Adobe SVG viewer is available for download here. The company is also offering an SVG overview and tutorial with numerous SVG examples here.

For a full discussion of SVG, read the premier issue of IDG’s ‘Web Create’ – a free supplement with the July issue of Macworld magazine, which is on sale from June 15, 2000.