Adobe is shipping Illustrator 9.0.

Illustrator 9.0 adds transparency capabilities, blending modes and a series of graphic styles. It’s designed to integrate with Adobe’s professional products, including Photoshop, GoLive, LiveMotion, Premiere and After Effects.

New features include a Pixel Preview mode, that shows how pages will look when downloaded from the Web at 72dpi. A Save for Web command helps designers create vector graphics in Illustrator and output them for the Web. The application can also export Flash (SWF) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.

Designing for the Web New commands in the Effects menu can convert type and graphic objects to rectangular or elliptical shapes for creating Web buttons. These shapes contain fully-editable type objects and appearances. Drop shadows and glows can also be applied directly to type and graphic objects. A new Release to Layers command will instantly distribute any objects on a layer onto separate layers.

A new Live Effect feature applies Photoshop filters - including third party plug-ins - to objects or layers. The layer or object remains editable, and effects can be removed or modified. A combination of effects and attributes can be combined and used as a Graphic Style.

The Adobe Collections, including the Adobe Web, Publishing, Design and Dynamic Media Collections, are being updated to include Illustrator 9.0. Illustrator 9.0 costs £269 (excluding VAT). Upgrades from previous versions of Illustrator cost £95 (excluding VAT).