Adobe is shipping desktop-publishing (DTP) application InDesign 2.0.

The company has also released a demo version of Adobe Illustrator 10.

InDesign 2.0 is Adobe's professional-layout and design program. New features include: editable transparency effects, such as drop shadows; table creation tools; long-document support; extensible mark-up language (XML) import/export support; and "improved" printing interface.

Integration The product also features tighter integration with other products in Adobe's publishing portfolio, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.

Many dubbed the original release of InDesign 1.0 as "the Quark-killer", but reports from users and print bureaux suggest it failed to achieve mass-market acceptance.

The application features built-in preflighting functions, and can convert documents to PDF format. Randy Wright, director of prepress at Anderson Lithograph, said: "InDesign 2.0 has the potential to result in significant time and money savings."

InDesign 2.0 supports Mac OS X and costs £550 (ex VAT). Upgrading from a previous version costs £99 (ex VAT).