Adobe has announced its Mac OS X development plans for its entire product range.

Adobe released the following statement regarding its policy on OS X: "Adobe supports the direction Apple is taking with Mac OS X. Apple's new operating system promises to ultimately deliver a powerful desktop platform with enhanced stability and reliability for the Macintosh customer.

"Currently, most of Adobe's software products do not offer native Mac OS X support. Adobe plans to support Mac OS X native mode in future releases of our flagship products, beginning with target="_blank"> Acrobat Reader 5.0.

"We will continue to update our customers, partners, and the press on the status of our products running on Mac OS X, both in Classic and native modes."

Adobe goes on to give full product-by-product details on Carbonization and the addressing of Classic Mode problems.

Products for which the next major releases will offer native support for Mac OS X include Photoshop, target="_blank">Illustrator, target="_blank">After Effects, target="_blank"> GoLive and target="_blank">InDesign.

Products for which Adobe says it will Carbonize in "future" releases include target="_blank"> LiveMotion, target="_blank"> Premiere 6.0 and target="_blank"> Photoshop Elements.

Only two Adobe applications will not be Carbonized – target="_blank">PageMaker 6.5 Plus and target="_blank"> FrameMaker or FrameMaker+SGML – but Adobe will address all current Classic Mode problems.

The company goes on to explain that standard Adobe western PostScript Type 1 fonts in the target="_blank"> Adobe Type Library are compatible with Mac OS X in either native or Classic modes.