Adobe and RealNetworks will jointly develop solutions for streaming-media content creation, the companies said.

The alliance supports Adobe's Network Publishing initiative. The companies said that Adobe's SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) viewer will be available to RealPlayer users through Real's auto-update service.

Adobe will develop a SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integrated Language) extension for its Web-authoring tool, GoLive 5.0. Adobe will also include RealVideo 8 in the next version of Adobe Premiere.

SMIL, a Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) standard first approved in April, 1998, is integrated into RealSystem, and has been widely adopted as a layout language for streaming media on the Web.

Rob Glaser, Real Networks' chairman and CEO, said: "This collaboration is a watershed event for publishing, as Web publishers can now create rich-media content and publish it directly and seamlessly to RealPlayer."

Bruce Chizen, president of Adobe, said: "We are thrilled to work with RealNetworks to provide deeper support for SMIL in our content creation tools. Through open standards, such as SMIL and SVG, developers will be able to deliver rich, programmable multimedia experiences to users anywhere, on any device."