Adobe is set to announce Japanese-language versions of Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.0 and Adobe Content Server 2.0.

It will also announce support from comic book-content provider Ebook Initiative Japan (EBI), according to Yoh Tsujimura, a spokeswoman for Adobe.

Adobe and EBI are banking on network publishing becoming a major part of the publishing industry, and will seek deliver e-book content, a category of devices that EBI plans to promote.

EBI has its roots in a 145-company experimental research-organization that, from 1998, began distributing e-book content to terminals stationed at major bookstores. These companies went on launch EBI in May 2000.

EBI president and CEO Yuusuke Suzuki believes that, because comic books have a 40 per cent share in the current publication market in Japan, they will be also be in demand in the e-book market.

The announcement will made three days before the start of the Tokyo International Book Fair on April 19.