Adobe InCopy 2.0 is shipping in the UK.

The application is a professional copy-editing solution developed to integrate with Adobe's InDesign DTP software. It was developed for writers, editors and copy fitters at magazines and newspapers.

Capabilities go beyond those of traditional word-processing applications, Adobe claims. InCopy 2.0 integrates a number of features designed to help manage workflow. Features include: XML support, a dynamic spell checker, and an interface designed to let users work on multiple views of a story simultaneously. It also offers a built-in thesaurus, fast text substitution, table creation and collaborative features.

The multiple-views feature means users can view a galley and a layout, so writers can see accurate line breaks in the layout view, while editing copy in the galley view, for example.

Content compatibility Adobe says XML support is a foundation standard for its vision of network publishing – support for the standard lets publishers develop content that can be published to any device.

Mary Steiert, systems editor of the Anchorage Daily News, explains: “InCopy 2.0 allows great flexibility as a writing and editing tool. It gives customized views as a writing tool for reporters, then excellent galley and layout views for sub-editors. The integration with InDesign gives us more time to concentrate on the content of our newspaper rather than repetitive formatting and layout work.”

The application is available now from Adobe's UK system integration channel. Pricing is subject to licenses and usage.