In a first move since the two companies merged, Adobe yesterday introduced Macromedia Flash Lite 2 and Macromedia Flash Player SDK 7.

Flash Lite 2, a Flash player for non-PC devices, and Flash Player SDK 7, the Flash player for consumer electronics devices, will allow device makers and operators to offer customisable and consistent interfaces to users on multiple devices.

Flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK 7 are built on Flash Player 7, as such they offer Unicode support, use little memory and support Extensible Markup Language data handling.

Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson currently ship phones that allow users to view websites created with Flash. As many as 45 million mobile devices running Flash shipped during 2005, according to Adobe. Devices running Flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK 7 are expected to hit the market later this year.

Flash is the Macromedia-developed pervasive technology that enables multimedia content to be displayed and viewed on websites.