Adobe yesterday upwardly revised its predicted performance for the current quarter and announced its acquisition of process management company, Q-Link.

Adobe had expected second-quarter 2004 revenues of $390 million for earnings per share (EPS) of $0.39; its revised figures predict $410 million revenues for an EPS of $0.39. Second quarter results will be announced June 17.

The company attributed the raised predictions to "greater than expected revenue thus far in the quarter for its Creative Suite products and the Acrobat family." Adobe said it is seeing good performance in all the geographic territories its active within.

Financial performance will "not" be affected by the Q-Link acquisition, details of which have not been disclosed, the company said.

Q-Link develops business process management software. Adobe's purchase brings a Java-based business workflow technology in-house, a technology the company expects to integrate inside its Adobe Intelligent Document platform.

Adobe senior vice president of the Intellligent Documents business unit, Ivan Koon, said: "Q-Link's technology is a highly extensible and scalable architecture that will enable Adobe to give customers a simplified way to orchestrate and integrate document-process management with core applications."