On the eve of the launch of Apple’s OS 9 comes the news from Adobe of significant compatibility problems between that and Adobe’s ATM.

Apparently, OS 9 will deinstall any version of ATM Light or ATM Deluxe it detects because all versions of ATM are incompatible with OS 9. The deinstalled ATM will be placed in a folder called "Deinstalled". Unless you are using an application with built in Type 1 support, you must expect to see jagged and blocky Type 1 font rendering and output.

Should a user install a copy of ATM into OS 9, the machine will crash at boot time on encountering the ATM control panel Init. The solution to this is to reboot with extensions off (hold down the shift key), remove ATM from the Control Panels folder, and reboot without ATM.

Meanwhile, Adobe claims to be working on new versions of ATM Light, ATM Deluxe and Adobe Type Reunion that will be compatible with OS 9. ATM light shall be a free download from the Adobe site, the others will be available as free downloads for registered owners. The updates should be available in mid-November.