Adobe has announced a series of free Web site-creation events, to be held in five cities in the UK and Ireland.

The events feature three different seminars held over two days: Adobe 2K, Web Live 2000 and Creative Advantage.

Adobe 2K is aimed at creative professionals in the print, electronic or video industries. Demonstrations of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, After Effects and InDesign are intended to show the creative opportunities of Adobe's suites, and the flexibility of end content.

Adobe will be using the recent Macworld Digital Publishing Special Report (free with the October 1999 issue of Macworld) as the basis for its talks on InDesign and PDF workflows. Attendees can also look forward to video contributions from Macworld's Editor-in-Chief, Simon Jary, and Art Director, Mandie Johnson.

WebLive 2000 is aimed at Web design professionals. It's intended that these seminars will show how Adobe products can manage the problems involved in designing and managing world-class Web sites, with cutting-edge features. The various time- and labour-saving devices within Adobe's suites will be demonstrated.

Creative Advantage is aimed at "decision-makers in the creative and production industries". A showcase of Adobe's, Apple's and Hewlett-Packard's latest technologies, the intention of this seminar is to demonstrate how Adobe and Apple can work together to improve colour accuracy and proofing quality.

The events are free, and will feature input from internationally recognised Web site designers. It's expected that opportunities will exist to network and learn. To reserve a free place, visit Adobe's Web site and fill in a registration form.

The events will be held on:

Edinburgh, October 18-19, '99
Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Manchester, October 20-21, '99
Granada Studios

London, October 25-26, '99
Mermaid Theatre

Nottingham, October 27-28, '99
Kelham Hall

Dublin, November 9-10, '99
Royal Dublin Society