A jury in Delaware yesterday found that Macromedia has infringed on technology patents held by Adobe.

It awarded Adobe $2.8 million in damages.

Adobe sued Macromedia in August 2000 in the District Court, District of Delaware, charging that Macromedia’s Flash animation product makes use of Adobe’s patented ‘tabbed palette’ technology – a feature that helps users organize information on their computer screens.

Along with its damages award, Adobe said it expects the court to issue an injunction that would prevent Macromedia from further infringement of Adobe patents.

Macromedia has filed a counter-suit against Adobe, raising patent infringement allegations of its own. The company expects to begin presenting that case on Monday.

“It is unfortunate, and we believe wrong, that Adobe has chosen this field to compete. Ultimately, it is our customers, and particularly our mutual customers, that will be harmed,” Rob Burgess, Macromedia’s chairman and CEO, said in a statement.

Macromedia said that it doesn’t expect the payout to have any material impact on its financial condition.