Adobe Systems has been ranked at number 49 in Business Week’s top 500 index, based on its financial performance in 1999.

US-based Graphics Exchange magazine also recognized Adobe’s chairmen and cofounders as two of the most influential graphics visionaries worldwide in the "last millennium".

Adobe stood at number 347 in Business Week’s Standard and Poors’ index last year. The company also achieved an ‘A’ rating in five of eight categories, including total returns, profit growth, net margin and return on equity.

"We’re extremely proud of the financial and technological achievements that Adobe has made since the company’s inception, especially this past year," said John Warnock, CEO and co-founder of Adobe. "We look forward to furthering the standards in digital imaging in the 21st Century."

John Warnock and Chuch Geschke also won the number seven slot in Graphic Exchange magazines "Top ten visionaries who invented modern graphics" category. This cited Adobe’s PostScript, Illustrator, Photoshop and Portable Document Formats as achievements that sparked a graphics revolution.

Adobe’s founders shared the spotlight with Walt Disney – and Steve Jobs of Apple Computer.