Adobe may drop several of its products once its takeover of Macromedia completes.

An NPD Techworld report cited by MacNN reports that Adobe will also gain control of Macromedia's ubiquitous Flash platform, an important asset, according to the analyst firm. Over 95 per cent of Internet-connected computers have Flash installed, the report claims.

Flash ownership a focal point

"NPD believes that Adobe will not only leverage the Flash platform to drive sales of its graphics and digital video editing and compositing applications, but will use Flash to extend the reach of its "intelligent document" platform automating enterprise business processes as well," claims MacNN.

Customers stand to benefit from the merger, which will possibly take until 2008 to be fully completed. Customers will see better integration between the applications they already use.

GoLive, FreeHand, Fireworks may pass

"NPD predicts that Photoshop and Dreamweaver customers will be least affected by the merger", the report adds, explaining that these will most likely end up being integrated within one suite of tools - the report observes that the GoLive, Fireworks and FreeHand products may be sold.

Marketshare figures cited in the report for professional graphics and Web applications show Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash as leaders in their respective fields.