Adobe has released both a series of Acrobat plug-ins, and a consumer version of Photoshop 5.

The Acrobat plug-ins were previously only available on the Windows platform, their Macintosh variants are now available for download in Beta Test versions. Among the new add-ons are Web Capture – that can convert whole Web sites to PDF files – Digital signatures, and Compare Pages and Send Mail – that automatically attaches Adobe PDF files to e-mail messages with the send mail feature. System requirements are the same as Acrobat 4.0, though Web Capture also requires Mac OS 8.6.

The consumer Photoshop, called Adobe Photoshop 5 LE, is a scaled down version of Photoshop 5. Full of features, it has almost everything you need to do basic image editing, and even advanced edits – such as blurs and other filter effects.

Operating at the same resolution quality as the full package, and with more than 95 filters, Photoshop 5 LE has the virtue of a lower RAM requirement and a much lower price.

Photoshop 5 LE costs £69 and is available in the UK from the end of September direct from Adobe.