Adobe will report its third-quarter financial results today.

The results will be broadcast live from Adobe’s Web site at 2pm Pacific Time (10pm UK time).

The financial data will reflect a period in which Adobe has announced a number of upgrades to its flagship applications, including Photoshop, GoLive and Illustrator. The company has also launched a number of new applications, such as InScope, and announced new acquisitions, such as Adobe is also focusing on the emerging ebooks market.

Keeping record The financial results announcement will be archived on Adobe’s Web site for the next three months.

The webcast will be compatible only with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. To access the audio replay, visit Adobe’s Investor Relations area.

Analysts seem confident in the company, whose stock climbed $3.125 yesterday, reaching $125.9375. Its lowest value in the last year was $47.531.