Adobe has released the After Effects 5.5 Plug-In Power Pack.

The Pack works with Adobe’s After Effects 5.5 digital-video compositing software to enhance the production of motion-graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web, Adobe says.

It supports Mac OS X, and includes additions such as the new Calculations plug-in; 3D glasses; magnify; and turbulent displacement. 3D glasses combines left and right 3D views for stereoscopic viewing. Magnify can scale part of an image, or the entire image, beyond 100 per cent – while maintaining resolution.

Turbulent displacement uses fractal noise to create distortions such as flowing water, funhouse mirrors, and waving flags.

The Calculations plug-in is similar to the Calculations command in Adobe Photoshop. It can often replace multiple instances of shift channels, compound arithmetic, and pre-composing.

A new Windows Media output-module offers a set of controls to create Windows Media streaming-video content. Users can customize settings, embed metadata, create multi-stream movies, and optimize audio and video.

Feel the noise There are also several new ways to handle noise and shadows. Noise alpha adds various types of uniform or squared noise to the alpha channel of a source-layer. Noise HLS simulates film grain, or adds noise to still or moving footage. Radial shadow creates a shadow from a point-light source over the layer it’s applied to, rather than from an infinite light source.

Tim Sassoon, president of Sassoon Film Design, said: “With the 3D glasses plug-in, we save time, and our clients save money by seeing exactly what the shot will look like in 3D – without having to pay for a film recording.

“We depend on this plug-in to provide accurate stereo previews for the large format/special-venue stereo films that we work on.”

The After Effects 5.5 Plug-In Power Pack is now available for download for £19 (price excludes VAT).