Destineer's MacSoft unit has confirmed plans to release a Mac version of best-selling PC title, "Age of Empires III".

The latest release in the 18-million unit Age of Empires series, Age of Empires III for Macintosh is scheduled to be available by the end of September, 2006 as a Universal Binary that runs natively either on Apple's Intel-based or PowerPC Macs.

The game continues where "Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings" left off, as players become one of eight European powers exploring, colonising, and conquering the New World.

MacSoft promises "amazing" 3D graphics, Ageia PhysX technology, and a Home City feature that lets players "level-up" their evolving home city to strengthen their economy, technology and military.

Players command rifled infantry as they scatter soldiers and blast buildings with cannon fire. They direct cavalry through the plains, and navigate naval fleets to hold strategic waterways. They explore uncharted territories, grow a booming economy, and form strategic alliances with Native Americans as they stake their claim in the New World.

Destineer's president, Peter Tamte, claims: "This is the dawn of a new age for Mac users as we experience the 'Age of Discovery' in a new generation of the greatest real-time strategy games ever created."