Agfa has released the first scanner driver to run natively in OS X.

An OS X-native (Cocoa) version of FotoLook 3.6 is now available for download. It integrates with Apple's system-level colour-management solution, ColorSync, and automatically chooses optimized scanner-settings.

Peter Verhulst, Agfa's director of marketing for consumer digital imaging, said: "FotoLook takes full advantage of the imaging capabilities of Mac OS X. It makes professional-quality scanning practically foolproof."

Other features include: Embedded greyscale ColorSync profiles, meaning greyscale images will display properly without requiring special settings; automatic file-extension naming; an enhanced user-interface; and improved ColorSync support, offering integration with Photoshop 6.0 workflows.

The company will release an upgrade to its SnapScan driver, ScanWise 2.0, "within the next few months".