Agfa's DuoScan T2500 scanner has been reduced in price from £3,495 to £3,195.

The scanner is also bundled with Adobe Photoshop 6.0. The price and bundle offer is available for a limited period from January 15 to March 31.

The DuoScan T2500 is an A4 flatbed that produces scans from slides, negatives and reflective originals.

Dual lens The scanner uses a dual-lens system and TwinPlate technology. Dual lenses allow either the full bed to be scanned at 2,500-x-1,250 ppi (pixels per inch) or half the bed at 2,500-x-2,500 ppi optical resolution. This allows a 35mm slide to be enlargened to more than A3 format for high-quality offset printing, according to Agfa.

TwinPlate technology consists of separate built-in reflective and film scanning surfaces. The scanner also has a 36-bit colour depth and 3.4D density range. Its TwinPlate design means that it has two scanning beds.

The scanner ships with FotoLook software - which controls individual images, and colour and tonal corrections - as standard.