Intuit plans to debut QuickBooks 5 for Mac at Macworld Expo San Francisco next month, MacCentral reports.

QuickBooks 5 will be the first update to the company's Mac version of its small-business financial software in seven years. Intuit originally planned to abandon the Mac. The release signals a "multi-year" commitment to the platform, the report states.

Cary Rosenzweig, Intuit's Macintosh Products business leader, said the decision to return to the platform was driven by two factors: continued activity in the Mac market; and the fact that the company has sold over a quarter of a million copies of QuickBooks for Mac over the years – over 12,000 Mac users have contacted Intuit asking for a new version of this application.

The report also looks at the potential impact of the release in terms of getting business owners to switch to Mac. Over half the respondents in a poll said they'd migrate to OS X if QuickBooks was available on the platform.

QuickBooks Pro 5.0 for Mac will work with OS 9, but will have an Aqua interface and a dramatically improved feature set, says MacCentral.

The application's features are easier to find, according to Intuit. The company has also been able to improve and add features as a result of working with Apple's new operating system.

New features will include: a Report Finder; the ability to save documents as PDFs and a tip dialog.

Intuit is also putting a PC-to-Mac-conversion service in place, says MacCentral, though details of this remain to be finalized.