The annual international Machinista festival is calling for entries once again.

The event is an: "Unmediated open submission exhibition of creative and technological innovations relating to ideas of artificial intelligence in the arts and new human-machine interactions."

It intends to meld visual and software art with technology, moving images, music and performance art. In 2003, 128 artists submitted work.

The event consists of an online exhibition combined with a physical show in the host city. Last year's physical exhibition took place in Moscow and Perm City; this year the show will be hosted in Glasgow.

Submissions are welcomed in all media for the following themes: "Art from the Machine: gleams of the inhuman" – works created completely or mostly by a machine or an Artificial Intelligence system; "Artists Against Machinic Standards" – breaking, destroying, hacking, unexpected (non-utilitarian?) usage of customary programs as an art experiment; and "Full-Screen Robovision" – Moving image works (experimental/scientific imaging, audiovisual code, short films, animation and VJ mixes) illustrating "the world as 'seen' by the machines.

The event is sponsored by Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Scottish Arts Council.

The best entries will be shortlisted. At least three artists will receive commissions to travel to the Glasgow show, and a selection of artists residencies in Vienna, Latvia and Saint Petersburg have been confirmed.