Apple has released AirPort 2.0 version 1.1, an update to its wireless-networking solution.

AirPort 2.0 was released November 13. It's compatible with early generation AirPort Cards and Base Stations, and adds 128-bit encryption support to existing AirPort cards, which are flash memory upgradeable. Encryption for original AirPort Base Stations remains 40-bit, however.

The software also supports AOL 5.0 browsers out of the box. A new version of the AirPort Base Station is available, introducing a built-in firewall, 128-bit encryption and support for internal Ethernet LAN's (Local Area Networks).

The Base Station currently costs £203, AirPort cards cost £67 each (prices exclude VAT). Apple has disclosed no details regarding what is updated by AirPort 2.0 v1.1.