Apple's AirPort Express "falls far short" of being an ideal solution for listening to computer-based music in a distant room, a top technology writer claims.

The Wall Street Journal's (subscription required) Walt Mossberg suggests that the AirPort Express has "limitations".

"You can send the music to only one location at a time, and you can't play it simultaneously through your computer and the remote speakers.

"Unlike most of its competitors, Apple's product lacks any remote control or remote user interface," he commented. "If you are sitting in the room where the music is playing remotely, AirPort Express gives you no way to see what song, or play list, is currently playing, and no way to change the music. To get any information, or to change songs or play lists, you have to tromp back to the computer. That's just unacceptable in a device of this kind."

The AirPort Express, which is a 802.11g mobile base station that features wireless Internet connections and USB printing as well as analogue and digital audio outputs that can be connected to a home stereo, has received praise from other sources, however. Time magazine has made the AirPort Express its gadget of the week, describing it as "last month's Apple wonder".