The Wi-Fi Alliance, following successful interoperability testing, has put its stamp of approval on the first batch of products based on the new 802.11g wireless Internet standard.

802.11g lays out the ground rules for WLAN gear that is capable of at least 24Mbps and up to 54Mbps, while remaining backward compatible with existing 802.11b gear that runs at a maximum 11Mbps.

Both use radio spectrum in the 2.4GHz radio band. Another standard, 802.11a, defines 54M bit/sec gear in the 5-GHz range.

Apple was the first computer manufacturer to build 11g into its systems, with AirPort Extreme now featuring on its models of its PowerBook, Power Mac, iMac and eMac ranges.

This is the fourth Wi-Fi product certification developed by the alliance since it began its interoperability-testing program in March 2000. Nearly 800 products received Wi-Fi certification.