Apple stealthily updated its AirPort Extreme Base Station last night.

The improved version of the critically-acclaimed wireless network hub was made available on the Apple Store then.

The revised model now offers Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN ports, but the solution is otherwise identical to the previously-available version of the 802.11n base station.

The AirPort Extreme (£119) offers a USB port for printer and hard drive sharing and ships with the AirPort Utility for easy set-up of the system.

Apple has also quietly made other improvements or revisions to many products in its existing range. Highlights include:

Apple Mobile Classroom The mobile classroom Teacher Bundles sold via the Apple Education stores now ship with the new breed AirPort Extreme Base Station.

New Apple Keyboard Apple is now selling its ultra-thin aluminium Apple Keyboard (£29) on the store. The keyboard is 0.33in thick, carries new function keys, and ships as standard with new model iMacs.

New function keys include: fast forward, rewind and play function keys; Expose and Dashboard; brightness and volume controls.

The company has also introduced a wireless version of this device (£49), which offers nine-months battery life.

New Apple Mighty Mouse Apple has quietly changed the appearance of the Apple Mighty Mouse (£35). The sides of this are now white, not grey. The mouse is otherwise functionally identical to before.

A wireless version of the new Mighty Mouse is also available (£49).

Apple Remote

The £19 Apple Remote also receives a cosmetic upgrade. The company has made a minor change in the packaging of the device, with wording modified for "North America compliancy reasons". The device remains completely identical, and this compliance has no impact on the European market.

All quoted prices are inclusive of VAT.