UK resellers report that stocks of Apple's latest AirPort Extreme Base Station are beginning to reach shops now — and that the Apple TV "is not far behind".

Announced at Macworld Expo in January 2007, the new and improved AirPort Extreme Base Startion is a wireless access point that supports the new (but unratified) 'n' wireless standard. The device also supports previous WiFi standards: a, b and g.

The 'n' standard is up to five times faster than the preceeding 'g' standard, though this speed increase is capped due to EU radiocommunications regulations to just 2.5 times faster.

The new £119 device is also equipped with a USB port for a printer or hard drive (which then acts as shared storage), a WAN port for DSL or a cable modem, three 10/100 LAN ports for computers and other devices, and a security slot.

The company also hit some controversy when it announced it would levy a £1.25 charge to Mac users who want to enable support for the 'n' standard on compatible Macs, citing accountancy regulations.

The Apple TV was also introduced at Macworld Expo. While some rumours claim the product is delayed, Apple has denied this. The device is expected to reach stockists by the end of the month.