Apple has released Firmware Update 5.0.3 for AirPort Extreme.

The update fixes an issue in which the AirPort Extreme network appears unavailable in the AirPort Menu Extra or Internet Connect applications. It is not for the original Graphite or dual-Ethernet Snow Base Stations.

This behaviour may result from excessive 2.4GHz radio interference that causes the wireless network to disappear. Such interference can be caused by the existence of Bluetooth networks in the same area.

Apple says of the update: "It allow the Base Station to more gracefully recover when exposed to sources of interference." The company has released a Tech Support document detailing potential sources of interference to AirPort Extreme networks, which are based on the yet to be ratified 802.11g standard.

Sources of interference include: microwave ovens, some satellite TV systems, 2.4GHz phones - including cordless and Bluetooth phones, certain baby monitors and various building materials (which can alter Base Station range).

Additional fixes include making sure the Base Station no longer spontaneously restarts itself. There is also now no limit to the number of FTP connections that can be initiated through the product. The download requires Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.1.5.