As expected, the 54Mbps 802.11g standard - used by Apple in its AirPort Extreme wireless products - was given the final seal of approval yesterday.

The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE), which is responsible for setting standards in the networking industry, delivered final approval yesterday.

MacCentral spoke with Apple's vice president of hardware product marketing who promised Apple would release a software update later this month to make its AirPort Extreme products fully compliant.

Some minor changes have taken place in the standard, the report states. These make slight improvements in the way the backward-compatible standard interacts with older 802.11b devices, such as AirPort.

The 54Mbps standard offers actual throughput of approximately 20Mbps. The earlier 11Mbps 802.11b standard offers throughput between 4-5.5Mbps.

Apple adopted the standard because it offers speed increases while remaining compatible with existing 802.11b networks and access points.