Apple's AirPort Extreme was upgraded with Gigabit Ethernet last week - but is no longer easily available through the Apple Store.

The company quietly upgraded its wireless network hub on Tuesday last week, when it introduced new iMacs which also possessed Gigabit Ethernet.

The move to introduce the better-performing Ethernet standard in the product saw Apple answer some critics who had bemoaned the lack of such support in the product.

However, the left-hand link to "AirPort and Wireless" products sold through the UK store leads to a page that no longer carries information about the device.

Italian Mac website Setteb.It this morning claims the product to have disappeared from Apple's online stores across Europe - though a simple website maintenance error may be all there is to blame.

The AirPort Extreme Base Station does appear when you use the store's search facility to seek it, when it is listed as being available in 24-hours and costing £119.

It's unclear at this time if the difficulty finding the product is symptomatic of a temporary lack of supply, or a simple website error.