Apple has cut the US price of AirPort Extreme Base Station and card.

AirPort Extreme uses Wi-Fi wireless networking technology based on the 802.11g standard. It offers connection speeds up to 54Mbps, and according to Apple, delivers almost five times the data rate of 802.11b based products, yet is fully compatible with the millions of 802.11b Wi-Fi devices around the world.

The price of the standard AirPort Extreme Base Station has been cut by $50 $199. The AirPort Extreme Card now costs $79 – $20 less than before.

The price changes follow Apple's recent announcement of the AirPort Express, a £99 802.11g base station that is able to stream iTunes music to a stereo. AirPort Express will be available in July.

Apple UK has not yet changed the prices on its store. Prices are currently listed as £149 for the AirPort Extreme Base Station, and £189 for the AirPort Extreme Base Station with Power over Ethernet and UL 2043 – designed for businesses and university campuses. The AirPort Extreme Card, initially launched with a £79 price point is £59.

Macworld is awaiting confirmation that the UK will see similar price reductions to the US.