Apple's AirPort wireless networking solution has been adopted by a UK English-language school.

International House, based in Trim Street, Bath, has been kitted out with a new suite of iMacs featuring AirPort.

The school teaches over 1,000 foreign students each year. Looking for a networking solution for its ten Macs, the school chose to adopt Apple's solution in preference to a PC-based alternative. AirPort is widely used in US schools.

Enthusiastic students
Mark Hooper, managing director of Farpoint, the company that installed the network, said: "The students are really enthusiastic about their new Internet suite. To our knowledge, this is the first wireless network to be installed in a language school anywhere in the world."

AirPort permits wireless Internet-access, and supports email and Web browsing protocols.

Several users can be online at the same time - simultaneously accessing Web sites and email, and swapping files through a single Internet account. The network is made up of a £203 Base Station, and a £67 AirPort card, which is installed in a Mac. It runs at 11Mbps.

Martin Lemon, International House's managing director, said: "Language students come to us from all over the world, and they're increasingly IT literate. This new Internet suite will ensure their needs are met in terms of studying via the Internet, and keeping in touch with family and friends back home."

Brendan O'Sullivan, Apple's director for education Europe, said: "We are delighted to see the commitment the school has to Apple. Our technology offers them benefits that are not available in the PC market.

"We are very genuinely pleased that schools looking for networking systems are turning to Apple."