The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) policy-making meeting for the 802.11 working groups - the wireless standard behind AirPort - has been cancelled due to the terrorist attacks in the US.

The event was originally planned to take place in Washington. IEEE Members were to approve Intersil's OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation 802.11g proposal that moves data transfer rates of next-generation chipset designs up to 54Mbps. 802.11b's top data transfer rate is 11Mbps, Wireless News reported.

Intersil provides solutions for flexible broadband-wireless access. It designs integrated communication devices capable of wired-Ethernet speeds and Voice-over Internet Protocols (VoIP) for the wireless Internet.

The meeting's cancellation means that the 802.11g standard will not be reviewed again until the IEEE members reconvene this November in Texas. This gives an advantage to WLAN (wireless local-area-network) equipment suppliers that use 802.11a, a standard that matches 802.11g, but is transmitted in a less crowded part of the electromagnetic spectrum.